Join in on Our 2021 Seed Swap / Share Event

Are you interested in participating in our Seed Swap?

Pumpkin Seeds
Growing Plants
Gardening Collage
Planting Plants
Plants in Boxes

We've developed a plan which should make it easy, for all who wish to participate, to

swap / share and receive seeds. It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!


1. Make Your List

If you are interested in this opportunity, please review and complete the attached sheet where you can list seeds you would like to swap / share as well as list those you would like to receive. You can type in the required info or print the sheet, write in the info, then scan, save it, then return it by email to our President Bernie Burns at (If you cannot complete the form as noted, then type your list info in the body of the email you are sending.) Please list seeds in alphabetical order. The deadline for returning your list(s) is May 31st. (there may be some seeds left beyond these deadlines - contact us)


2. We'll Align Seed Requests

We will create a master list of all seeds available and requested; this will also include the names and contact info of those wishing to share and receive seeds. We will then email each participant a list with pertinent contact info regarding the seeds you wish to swap, share or receive. (Ongoing till our extended deadline)


3. Swap!

Arrangements about pickup and delivery of the seeds will be mutually agreed upon between those in contact with one another regarding the distribution of seeds. It is suggested that those who have seeds to share could start preparing small envelopes of seeds (with required pertinent info included) so that everything is ready to go once the participants' lists are emailed.


Should you require further information or other assistance, please contact Esther ( or 905-762-8970) or Bernie ( or 905-771-7851 or 647-527-6948).