Civic Improvements

The Thornhill Garden & Horticultural Society's members contribute many hours of volunteerism to enhance our Thornhill parks by planting and maintaining trees, plants, shrubs and flowers at: 

  1. Annswell Park (East Garden, Dudley Ave. north of Elgin St.)

  2. Bayview/John Garden (southwest corner of Bayview Ave. and John St.)

  3. Percy Bone Parkette (located in Thornhill Park)

  4. Shops on Steeles & 404 Outdoor Planters

  5. Robert West Heritage House (7780 Yonge St.)

  6. TUC Community Garden (25 Elgin St., at the rear of the parking lot)

  7. Richard A. Jarrell Memorial Garden at the Thornhill Village Library

This year our garden volunteering looked different, with social distancing, mask wearing, and safety precautions in place.