Member Resources - How To: Using Coir in Your Garden

This year we are selling Coir Bricks as well as Pucks. Learn how to use these materials in your gardening.





How to prepare Coir for use in the garden and in planters

Put a 5 kg block of Coir in a wheelbarrow or a similar large vessel.

Pour about 20 litres of water over the Coir. Let stand for about one hour or less until the water has been absorbed by the Coir. See picture #1.

Then pour another 20 litres of water and let stand until the water has been absorbed, or overnight. The block will have increased in height from about 3 “to 18” or more. See picture # 2.

Start taking the Coir apart with a small trowel or hand tool. It is very crumbly and easy to work with. See picture # 3.

Put the loose Coir into pails or other containers until needed. I filled 5 cans of 20 litres with this block. The Coir can be stored in this condition for a year or more.

To use Coir for potting I use 1 part each of Coir, Garden Soil, and Compost.

To use for seedlings use Coir, as is, as a substitute for ready to use soilless mix. I used it this year with excellent results. The cost is about 10 % of a soilless mix. There was no mold or any other problem and the water retention was excellent. See picture # 4

Coir does not provide any nutrients to the seedlings. After about a week I used a water-soluble fertilizer with a 20-20-20 ratio to provide the necessary nutrients for growth. 

In addition to the 5kg blocks we also have the 12x34 gr (1.2 oz) gram pucks of Coir available. These can be used in the same manner.

The 5 kg blocks of Coir are $ 10.00 per block

The 12x34 gr pucks are $ 2.00 per pack or $ 5.00 for 3 packs.

To order your Coir please contact:

Martin van Dijk

Tell: 416 988 0181